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Foolproof method for rating Korean restaurants

Tonight’s Korean restaurant scores a 6. I’ve been to places that score as high as 12… Anybody have a recommendation that scores higher?

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Cyclocross 2011: On Start Positions (Race Report Roundup #2)

As threatened last time, here’s the long-boring-race-report coverage for the next few races… But look, pretty pictures! Surf City #1: Aptos High School How I felt: Not so good! The Bad Sensations were in place, feeling like I had an impending … Continue reading

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Chocolate and Peanut Butter: The Post That Wasn’t

So, I originally started writing a post about this back in October, but never finished it… In it, I stated that I was considering combining two things I like, Japan, and ‘Cross into one absurd trip in November. See, the … Continue reading

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Cyclocross 2011: The Season So Far

Okay, I’ve been slacking off. So before things get too out of control, I present to you my race reports for the early season. Too long, didn’t read? Have a look at the photos instead! CCCX #1 – Fort Ord, … Continue reading

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SSCXWC 2011 Anticipation!

The 2011 Edition of the Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships has been announced! San Francisco, November 18-20, 2011. Have a look at the Facebook page for it right here! What does that have to do with me? Well, take a look at … Continue reading

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Moving right along…

So where we left off last time, I had just done the Foothill Circuit race, and even reported on it. Hell, Norcal Cycling News liked it enough that they got permission to repost my coverage of the Pro/1/2 race. I’m … Continue reading

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Foothill College Circuit Race Report

Last weekend marked the return of the Foothill College Circuit Race Race, presented by Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club. And, amazingly, I was there! Race reports aren’t really my thing, but since Norcal Cycling News managed to write a weekend … Continue reading

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2011-12 Cyclocross Calendars are Up! Live in Norcal? Your CX Calendar is up! You’ve got hella races to do this season! Live in Socal? Your CX Calendar is up! You’ve got a grip of races to do this season! Live in Norcal or Socal? January 22nd is … Continue reading

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Term I just coined #5

Brunch Ride A few birthdays ago, I found myself with some good friends at Esther’s German Bakery for brunch. After ordering food, the proprietor asked what we’d like to drink. “Three coffees and three Spatens please.” The proprietor hesitates for … Continue reading

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Wherein I make excuses for the lack of blogging.

That’s actually a pretty terrible title for a post. It implies that I don’t have anything to talk about right here, and for once, I actually do! I know nobody wants to read a post apologizing for a lack of … Continue reading

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