It’s sick, but…

You gotta admit it makes a lot of sense. Now that our apartment manager has instituted his new “You can’t keep shit on your balcony anymore” policy, I’ve had to deal with a lot of extra junk in my living room. My old office chair is no longer with me, so this solution kills many birds with one stone. Now I don’t have a pile of wheels and a spare GTS seat in my living room anymore!

Also from this pic you can see how messy my place is at the end of the quarter (It’s clean at the begining, then gets this messy soon thereafter and stays that way).

It’s become apparent via AIM that more than one person “can’t find the pic” that I’m referring to, so here’s the URL again and again . I’m trying not to do inline links to TOO many images at a time for bandwidh purposes…

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