Anime Excess

I should talk about the Club4AG Drift Day 3 which occured on Friday at the Streets of Willow Springs raceway. But I think I’ll wait till I capture my video from the event (that could be a while). In the meantime, look at these funny pictures. You may see me there. Or some other people. And cars.

Ah okay, this is going to get long so I’ll give some lip service to the event. It was very hot, very fun, and there was some great action. I had a pretty big off-track excursion that is pretty fun to watch on video. Also great on video is when I spun out while drifting in front of andrew….”Hi Andrew!”

Anyway, I also went to Anime Expo on Sunday (Saturday was a blur of sleeping). We got there around 8:30am, registered, and stopped into the theatre for the tail end of the Anime Music Video contest. It wasn’t as good as last year (and Ryan seemed to hate it) but it was not bad. After that it was off to the dealer room for some bloodletting of my wallet. I decided in years past that the Dealer Room either sucked, or you spent money (making it not suck). As such, I walked out with four DVDs: Spriggan (kickass action movie), Excel Saga 1 (first 5 episodes of “The King of Crack Animes” — The Music Video Contest’s MC), Riding Bean (“Prequel” to Gunsmith Cats…close enough to the truth), and Otaku No Video (“You will recognize yourself in here, or somebody you know” — AnimEigo staffer).

Andrew bought all of the Macross arc of Robotech to complement his AnimEigo Macross Boxset. They were only $10 each…

Ryan schmoozed with his old Cel-collecting friends and bought a huge fabric “Giant Robo” banner that has the Toyota logo on it. Turns out it was a sign meant for a used car sales event in Japan. Can’t get any better in terms of combining Anime and Cars, right?

Or can you? Initial D was in full force on the show floor…From the TokyoPop bags that everyone had (featuring art from the manga) to Jerry Chu’s own Corolla GT-S parked outside the dealer’s room, you know it was there. The sad part though is how TokyoPop saw fit to, as of issue 2 of the manga, “Americanize” most of the character’s names. Itsuki became Iggy, Iketani became Cole Iketani, Ryosuke became Ry, Keisuke became K.T., Takumi is now just Tak….And it goes on and on. Really stupid. So stupid, that when Andrew’s ex-co-worker Tokyopop friend gave him a free copy of book 2, Andrew gave it to me in disgust and said he’d borrow it if he needs to read it. Score for me!

Today I just got up, did the homework for class tomorrow (most of it), then went to dinner and started watching GTO again. Actually watched 9 episodes in one night. It’s like crack that way.

Until Next Time…

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