Random People AIMing me: Volume 2, Part 2

infamous (2:40 AM): lol, damn lee cool ur jetts
infamous (2:40 AM): i was only kidding around
Slonieman (2:42 AM): I’m not pissed
Slonieman (2:42 AM): But I didn’t delete your thread either
Slonieman (2:43 AM): And if you post something and it gets deleted, it means “don’t post it again”
infamous (2:43 AM): well the way you ended ur im it seemed like you were a little bit aggrivated using the word “damn”
infamous (2:44 AM): u guys should make a Off Topic for anything.
Slonieman (2:44 AM): Already exists… http://www.off-topic.net
infamous (2:44 AM): no, i ment for club4ag
Slonieman (2:45 AM): I know what you meant
infamous (2:45 AM): then why did you refer to something that was other then club4ag?

I have a point here, and it’s being missed. I guess I shouldn’t be so subtle.

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