Random People AIMing me: Volume 2

infamous (2:36 AM): hey u delete my thread mofo
Slonieman (2:36 AM): excuse me?
infamous (2:36 AM): my Road Rage thread
Slonieman (2:37 AM): what thread?
infamous (2:37 AM): Road Rage
infamous (2:37 AM): in Fun Talk
infamous (2:37 AM): i posted a clip of some people getting in a fight.
Slonieman (2:37 AM): what about it
infamous (2:37 AM): rather entertaining
infamous (2:37 AM): i posted it somebody deleted i posted again…got deleted again
Slonieman (2:39 AM): Oh, you’re asking me if I deleted it? Usually people put a question mark after a sentence when I’m asking something. Anyway I didn’t delete your damn thread.

Farman had a better response in mind:
“keep talking and there will be a clip of another two people getting in a fight, and im not sure how “rather entertaining” it will be to see your ass smeared across the ground”

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