For Sam Wong Only


Saint Seiya Information (02:56 PM EST): Some interesting things have come to light in the past couple days about the upcoming release of Saint Seiya. First, it’s going to be on TV, but known as Knights of the Zodiac. DiC is apparently the company behind getting it distributed onto TV. They are not however dubbing it. ADV Films is dubbing it. When it comes to DVD release, there will be two flavors; the Knights of the Zodiac TV edited version and the original Saint Seiya version with the uncut dub and Japanese language/subtitled version. The uncut dub will also retain the proper names, plot and so forth of the original version, as opposed to a Cardcaptors/Cardcaptor Sakura disparity. ADV will be advertising the Knights version on their more cartoon-oriented line, such as the recent Megaman release, but the Saint Seiya trailers will show up on their anime line.

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