(Drawn during my EE 142 class, that’s the professor, and a few people on the other side of the classroom.)

See TJ’s been posting up a lot of pics lately, and he can “actually draw”. But I liked these little sketches…

And here comes the conversation on that topic…

(12:03) Slonie: My only recent drawing of folk is that one: http://kouki.2y.net:8080/slonie/142people.jpg
(12:03) tmorales13: hahah
(12:03) Slonie: for all you know they look JUST like that
(12:03) Slonie: They sort of do
(12:03) tmorales13: EE142
(12:03) tmorales13: weak
(12:03) tmorales13: hahaha
(12:03) tmorales13: that’s like dennis’ classes
(12:03) tmorales13: well.. his are ME i think
(12:04) tmorales13: he has this class called “mechatronics”
(12:04) Slonie: I managed to make the girl look like a girl WITHOUT drawing boobs
(12:04) tmorales13: i told him it sounds like he’s going to a rave
(12:04) Slonie: that’s a big accomplishment for me
(12:04) Slonie: and that Persion guy….he’s got eyebrows!
(12:04) Slonie: Just like real life!
(12:04) tmorales13: haha
(12:05) tmorales13: the bottom three people look like an EE142 totem pole
(12:05) tmorales13: hahaha

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