Because I promised: Stuff from my Bay Area Trip

I haven’t given a contentful update lately, so here goes.
This thing will be pretty johnabe-esque, I think.

— A sign saying “Ice cream purchases handled by parts counter.” I wonder what the part number is.
— A PT cruiser being towed. By a school bus.
— A Shelby GT350 parked in a Toyota service bay. (It belongs owner of the dealership)
— Another Toyota dealership that also featured VW/Audi, Porsche, and Kia.
— In the grand expanse between I-5 and 99, I took 12 3/4 street, Northbound.
— A gift shop in Big Sur featured a glass candleholder that looked exactly like a roll-center adjuster.
— A yellow Honda Element with license plate “H2WNABE”

And the UFO sighting…As I drove on I-5 (The 5) at 2am, I saw two lights zoom by in the air over an overpass. Then the lights shot upward on a steeply sloping arc. Then they flipped over and changed positions, and came back right at me and over my head. The lights continued on over the crops to my right. So, either a UFO, or somebody in a crop duster doing aerobatics right over the freeway in the middle of the night. Seems to me like the pilot equivalent of going to an empty parking lot and doing donuts at 2am. Except IN THE AIR.

Edit: Porsche and Kia at the same dealership. I shit you not.

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