Poach for TJ

(12:43) tmorales13: alright, i’m gonna go eat
(12:43) Slonie: me toooo
(12:43) Slonie: need pants first
(12:43) tmorales13: that would help
(12:43) tmorales13: haha
(12:44) tmorales13: it also doesn’t help that you were IMing me without pants
(12:44) Slonie: hmmm
(12:44) tmorales13: haha
(12:44) tmorales13: later
(12:44) Slonie: I gotta think of a way to backpedal from this
(12:44) tmorales13: too bad i don’t have an LJ
(12:44) tmorales13: cause that woudl so be a poach

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