Hell, I’ll post it. I mean AIM posts are better than none at all, right? Plus chapel976 will get it

(01:18) RealFolkBlues2: a friend of my sisters is getting a carrera 2
(01:18) RealFolkBlues2: and wants me to drive it to check the transmission
(01:18) Slonie: word
(01:18) RealFolkBlues2: fuck if i know anything about it
(01:18) Slonie: 964 baby
(01:19) RealFolkBlues2: but i accept the offer
(01:19) RealFolkBlues2: its a 996
(01:19) Slonie: then it’s just a carerra I’d reckon
(01:19) Slonie: did they actually say 2 on any 996s?
(01:20) RealFolkBlues2: nope
(01:20) Slonie: then don’t call it that, haha
(01:20) RealFolkBlues2: but just to distinguish
(01:20) RealFolkBlues2: cause then you go
(01:20) Slonie: cause you’ll confuse overly anal people like me
(01:21) RealFolkBlues2: hahaha
(01:21) Slonie: it’s so funny how they say 2 on it though
(01:21) RealFolkBlues2: well i guess if we were talking older porshce
(01:21) Slonie: that was just to make 4 owners feel better
(01:21) RealFolkBlues2: haha
(01:21) RealFolkBlues2: porsche owners are anal about everything
(01:21) Slonie: I used to think it was actually 2 as in….a follow up
(01:21) RealFolkBlues2: like the boxster’s likeness to a carrera
(01:21) Slonie: like a 944 S2
(01:21) Slonie: there’s a 928 S4
(01:21) Slonie: and it’s not 4WD
(01:22) RealFolkBlues2: hmm
(01:22) RealFolkBlues2: interestingly enough
(01:22) RealFolkBlues2: they dont call it 911 carrera 2 even though the 4 is out
(01:22) RealFolkBlues2: on the 996
(01:23) Slonie: nope, cause they realized it’s silly
(01:23) RealFolkBlues2: man I totally just called it a Type X 180sx, Porschewise
(01:23) Slonie: haha
(01:23) RealFolkBlues2: well it helps in conversation
(01:23) RealFolkBlues2: haha
(01:23) Slonie: that would be a good poach, except nobody would get it
(01:23) Slonie: except nadine, who actually makes fun of that
(01:23) RealFolkBlues2: yeah
(01:23) RealFolkBlues2: thats the joke behind it
(01:24) Slonie: If I quoted the whole thing, that’d be like….god am I a geek

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