Of Ys and Gift Certificates

JohnA32545: um, if I were to, um, hypothetically of course, say that I went to Akihabara and checked the stores but they all had big Ys-sold-out signs, would you be mad at me?
Slonieman: not really, because that basically means you had to camp or pre-order to get it and there wasn’t ever a chance
JohnA32545: ya that would’ve sucked =) luckily it was there and I bought it and am looking at it now 😛

Awesome work, John. Honest, because he DID say “hypothetically of course”…But still evil!

Also I’m at my brother’s place across the street from the restaurant, working on his gift certificates. The final-ish design has now been settled on, but I need to re-do the “hard part” because it was a mockup before. Additionally, I’ll have a corner on the market for counterfeit

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