Hopefully not-completely-sushi-related

I opened the fridge and was looking for the rice paper, which was right in front of me but I didn’t see it. Then Catherine said “If it was a snake, you’d be bitten.” That’s the saying of the day.

Anyway, both my parents called last night with different problems. My dad’s G4 kernel panicked and then wouldn’t boot anymore off of that system. I told him to copy off his library folders and reinstall, not knowing any better ideas.

My mom called in a panic because she tried driving my car, and when she parked it she managed to yank out my ignition lock cylinder with the key. Then the car was stuck in ACC mode with the radio playing. I had to talk her through re-inserting the lock cylinder and then using the BUTTON to turn the key to the OFF position before yanking on the key.

Also, how to turn off my stereo…Of course if it was decent you wouldn’t be able to yank the lock out, but then again when I got my car there weren’t ANY locks on it so it’s still a step up. It just made me miss my car even more.


My car wouldn’t last three days here. I have a motto for the state. Louisiana: Nice people, shitty roads. Seriously, the average driveway step-up is similar to what some people call a curb. I’m glad that I’m driving around in a SUV with normal-profile tires (okay, a pansy wanna-be SUV the CRV is, but it has more ground clearance than my AE86!). Ick.

Well, it’s the end of the week again (Friday is a short day). Word up to that! Still no word on when Catherine is leaving, but she’s making arrangements presently.

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