The Idiot Box

Well with no Intarweb at home, I _am_ watching TV. And some shows I never watched before deserve mention.

I Love The 80s Strikes Back (VH1)
I am watching this show every single day. It wrests my remote-control hand away from whatever else is on (even WRC). Damn, VH1, you rock. If you don’t know about the show, they just have a bunch of comedians, actors, and music people talking about shit from the 80s. It’s damn hilarious, and each episode covers one year. I mean, they had a section on Roos, and one on the debut of Snausages. Oh, and McNuggets came out in 1983. Happy 20th anniversary, McNuggets! Pure gold. By the way, there was already a 10-episode run of I Love The 80s which I missed most of. Strikes Back is the sequel, naturally.

Also, Jamie’s Kitchen on Food network is pretty great. As my brother (the professional chef-owner) said, it’s a “great idea for a show and a really bad idea for a successful restaurant.” In this show Jamie Oliver (CELEBRITY chef) trains a ragtag band of underprivledged kids into a lean, mean, restaurant running machine. That is, they need to come from zero to “able to run a kitchen.” Obviously, issues are encountered. Oh, and everyone’s British.

Speaking of Quality TV Enjoyment, 24 premieres this week. I don’t need to explain any more about that except to say if you missed seasons 1 and 2 and you still aren’t watching 24 on DVD to catch up, you’re a bad person.

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