NorCal FSP: pWn3d by Slonie?

Man, autocrossing today felt good. Especially when I only had to get up at like 10am instead of 6am. Also I think I pWn3d F-Street Prepared today. I guess what I learned from “Secrets of Solo Racing,” combined with my new suspension, paid off.

Note that I’m not technically legal for FSP, but I still drove pretty well. Hell, my first run was decent….Then I knocked off 0.9 seconds on run #2 but I had a cone (that’s a 2-second penalty). On my third and final run I cleaned it up but it was 0.2 seconds slower than my first run! Either way, it was fun as hell to get back into it. San Francisco region Solo2 is pretty laid back, their policies are a bit different than CalClub (LA). Plus, the Oakland Collosseum is a dead ringer for San Diego’s Q Stadium, except without elevation changs in the parking lot. Not a bad thing…

Also I crossed the San Mateo and the Bay Bridge today, and I have to say it made me feel happy to be back in the Bay Area. Normally you wouldn’t praise having to cross bridges to get around, but crossing the Bay Bridge into the lit-up San Francisco cityscape late at night on the way back (with no traffic) felt hella cool.

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