Miata Donor Redux

By now you might know that I checked out that auto tranny miata donor last weekend. You might also know that I decided to call off the donor search after that imperfect specimen in order to delay the 7 project. That one had a nice, low-miles motor though…And it remains unsold. $1000, with ‘most’ of a car to go with it too for free. You haul.

But it wasn’t meant to be….Or was it?

Yesterday, my roommate Lu threw a rod in his 1.8L Miata. I don’t have the details yet, but it sounds to me like he might need a new motor. It looks like I might be picking that donor up after all! I’ll have Lu buy it for the motor, do the swap (at Gorgeous Garage, I hope), and put every other usable part on the car in my back pocket for when the 7 project finally goes live, for free. Maybe even sell the auto tranny and doors and whatever else can be used to recover costs. Then we sawzall the chassis up and haul it off to the dump. Sound like a plan?

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