Miata Deconstruction

On Monday Andy told me his landlord at the shop is getting on his case about the number of junk cars sitting in front of the shop. He’s allocated 5 spots and using up 8, most of which are filled with cars that don’t move. If I don’t get the Miata out by Friday, he (me) gets billed $70 a day. Andy has planned to call his “car hauler” guy on Thursday. So, Wednedsay night, we initiate a crash deconstruction session to remove anything of value from the carcass.

[9:42pm, Removing steering column, gauges, and brake booster, there is broken glass in the car]
Lu: You’re bleeding…
Lee: Where?
Lu: Everywhere.

[10:45pm, Work continues, Lee Demonstrates his technique]
Lu: How do you get this mirror off?
Lee: *Smashes Windshield with big f*cking hammer*

The Mirror Comes Off

Andy: Or you could have unclipped this…
Lee: That’s what makes it my way.

[1:45am, a bolt cannot be removed due to twisted metal in the way]
Lu: How did they put this together?
Lee: The car wasn’t wrecked when they put it together

[2:15, Hysteria sets in; Everything becomes hilarious]
Andy: This degreaser says it’s “hungry to clean”
Lee: Hahahahahahah

[2:45am, Miata is on dollies with no front or rear suspension. The frame is about 2″ off the ground]
Lee: This looks like Jerry’s car, Miata version.

Last weekend we took out the motor. Last night we took just about everything else. If your car ever gets stolen, just keep in mind that 2 incompetent people can strip it in a weekend and one night. If the thief doesn’t have a job to work around (which is a good possibility) or is really serious, you are totally screwed.

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