It’s like an exchange program at ¥2.5/min!

22:51:45 slonieman: I just spent an HOUR on the phone
22:51:46 slonieman: with yas, in Japan
22:51:50 slonieman: “stomach is less crowded” guy
22:51:53 slonieman: that was a tiring hour
22:51:57 slonieman: I don’t know shit for japanese
22:52:02 slonieman: He doesn’t know that much english
22:52:12 slonieman: together we could not understand ourselves for hours
22:52:19 alucard2x2: awesome
22:55:11 slonieman: it was pretty great
22:57:01 alucard2x2: i bet
22:57:04 alucard2x2: i’ve done
22:57:06 alucard2x2: i did
22:57:07 alucard2x2: in fact
22:57:09 alucard2x2: for 12 months
22:57:13 alucard2x2: the worst 12 months of my life

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