Just Drift: Irwindale Invasion

Don’t even ask me when I got home from this event (5am today)…Ah, the life of drifting whilst living in Norcal…Of course there was a Norcal event yesterday too, but like an idiot, TJ, Dennis, and I went to LA to drive on the Irwindale infield. They had the full D1-style course setup, and it was a little scary at first, but by the end…wow, I haven’t had that much fun in a while. Fun meaning kicking the clutch in 3rd gear on the banked oval with my right foot flat on the gas, feeling the car come loose and float slightly up the bank towards the concrete wall, then dip back down and change directions across the start/finish line, and whip back to the left again to connect the second left-hander. It was pretty effing sweet.

There are more stories to tell from this weekend, but I better not take the time to tell them at work…

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