Moments from the weekend…

Leaving after 7pm for LA…”as usual”, the 3rd law of caravanning from NorCal…

Charlie’s driver’s meeting. “Drifting just…isn’t very safe”

Driving shitty in the first group…Getting frustrated. Asked Hiroo where to initiate, I thought he was joking or that I could never kick the clutch that early on the bank…

Then I started to get it…I was initiating earlier and earlier and carrying more and more speed into it…It was pretty cool. A lot of people were telling me that I was doing really well, so it really felt nice compared to the morning session where I thought I’d never get it.

“I saw this car that looked just like yours, drifting so fast, then I realized it WAS you” — Owen
(this line carried a lot more significance when Ernie told me pretty much the same thing later that day…Because he’s fucking good, that’s why)

Deciding that I couldn’t get cocky, I rode with Chris Forsberg in his 350Z (really a 200ZX now that it has SR20DET in it). That recalibrated me real good…This guy was drifting 75% of the banked corner! I learned a bit more about e-brake usage mid-drift to correct corners. I told him riding with him was better than my ride with Hayashida a year ago. The driving was actually very similar, but as a bonus I could actually speak the same language…

On the way home, Dennis’s car made “loose suspension noises”…we pulled off at the next exit into the next available parking lot (which was pretty far off the freeway)…It was a mortuary and cemetary, where coincidentally, Lucian has a couple of ancestors buried. We spent the better part of an hour doing figure 8’s at 5mph in the parking lot diagnosing the problem and waiting for Alex Chang to show up with some more S13 expertise. It was (morbidly) hilarious. Turns out it was just a loose top nut on the rear shock. Silly…

Viva la King Taco. They need one in Norcal.

Playing Daytona 2 at the truck stop without a steering wheel, just a splined shaft coming out of the machine. I thought I could get away with turning the shaft since it only has 180 degrees of travel, but when the game actually started the force feedback kicked in and it was nearly impossible to turn it by hand…Additionally it would spin left and right all the time causing the splines to tear the shit out of my hands. Ow, worst Daytona playing EVER!

I got home at 5am….And to work more or less on time. So I’ll put a mood on this entry! And maybe a song too, cause I paid for it…

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