Drifting Pretty Article (not actually very new)

Slonieman: Did you read the LA Weekly Drifting Pretty article?

RealFolkBlues2: nope

Slonieman: The descriptions of the characters involved are so great…

Slonieman: “Like a wish granted, Nadine started seeing another girl on the tracks. “Don’t talk to her, she’s a bitch,” guys warned. Yoshie Shuyama was 31 years old, aggressive, had a perpetually stern expression and spoke an abrupt, halting mix of English and Japanese. She was a ladies’ autocross champion and, like Nadine, she looked like she could kick a little ass.”

Slonieman: and

Slonieman: “Chinky had patience bordering on the Christ-like and a face riddled with piercings — a bar between his eyebrows, lip studs, and two wicked spikes that looked like he had swallowed a steel-fanged insect that had then tried to claw its way out of his mouth by way of his chin.
Slonieman: Nadine Toyoda was the girl who wanted to drift. She stood by herself at the edge of the track staring at the Japanese drivers. She was 24 years old, skinny in jeans and a powder-blue sweater, all fierce angles and powdery pale skin. Her long light brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail.”

Slonieman: and

Slonieman: “Kat Andrade, a petite Filipino girl with a sweet, childlike smile that made you want to take her home and feed her ice cream. Reps approached her at driving meets and asked her if she would wear T-shirts for them. She had the look that a lot of guys liked.”

Slonieman: and

Slonieman: “Like a young John Lithgow, lee made it clear with his walk that HE was the high commander of the room. his jacket two sizes too small, his hat two sizes too big, his demeanor could be, and was, described with one simple word; “ultimate.”

Okay, I admit it, that last one was written by Lance (ohtagerbilhero)

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