22:10:22 farsyed: who knows
22:10:30 farsyed: get her Bloodwake
22:10:32 slonieman: why?
22:10:34 farsyed: because who doesnt like boats?*

*Looooong running joke from like 2001

22:32:46 farsyed: You should have asked her if she liked Parappa the rapper
22:33:11 farsyed: “”Rappin Good” will let you pass the levels, and see all the characters. Of course it’s harder than you think. Then what you want to do is “Rappin Cool”. For this you must improvise. Freestyle your rap, and if the instructor likes it, the game changes and you are on your own. Rap “Cool” to all the levels and you win. It’s as simple as that.”
22:33:32 slonieman: hahah
22:33:34 farsyed: it really doesnt get any better
22:33:38 slonieman: U RAPPIN: COOL
22:33:40 slonieman: in fact
22:33:48 slonieman: I’ve declared the “U Rappin'” gauge the best gauge ever
22:34:00 slonieman: I wish my car had a U Rappin’ gauge
22:34:15 farsyed: yeah, mine too, in place of the lack of tach
22:34:26 slonieman: I also think a Heartometer like in outrun 2 would be great
22:34:28 farsyed: RPMs = Raps per minute
22:38:38 farsyed: none of that is LJ worthy due to Lee’s new “Exacting Standards of Humor™” also known as “Too Lazy To Put Anything Worthwhile Up™”
22:39:42 slonieman: I’ve upped my standards, now up yours!

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