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This is sad….How low has my LJ sunk that all it is ia a storage place for URLs to view once I get home from work? Low, that’s how low.
Micahsass (5:26:51 PM): can you spot andy.. american #4
Slonieman (5:28:37 PM): now roading!
Slonieman (5:29:05 PM): (still)
Slonieman (5:33:15 PM): darnit
Slonieman (5:33:24 PM): I t hink you’ll have to send me this link when I get home
Slonieman (5:33:37 PM): don’t make me LJ it for the sole purpose of viewing once I leave work, as the last couple entries have been.
Slonieman (5:33:44 PM): or if so, at least say something funny.
Micahsass (5:33:48 PM): i downloaded the swf with wget
Slonieman (5:34:37 PM): That wasn’t that funny
Slonieman (5:34:40 PM): 😦
Micahsass (5:35:46 PM): this one is funnier, but andy is only in at the end, i had trouble spotting him
Micahsass (5:36:04 PM): this one i’m told is funny but has no andy and i haven’t watched it
Slonieman (5:36:29 PM): Well…you leave me no choice but to LJ it

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