Re-Elect Haggar!

As you may know, Metro City has become a cesspool of crime and fear ever since the Mad Gear Gang took over. Only with an elected leader who isn’t afraid to take to the streets – and beat the shit out of every gang member in his way – can we weather this crisis.

That’s why I’m asking for your support in re-electing Mayor Mike Haggar.

(earlier versions here, initial 3-tone graphic here)

And now some meta-entry:

3:08:20 PM slonieman: can we count on your support?
3:09:14 PM ryanoff: if i’m threatened to be piledriven, then yes
3:09:41 PM slonieman: piledriving people is a campaign promise
3:09:55 PM slonieman: as well as smacking with pipes, rescuing daughters, and eating roast.
3:10:35 PM ryanoff: haha
3:10:53 PM ryanoff: and giving lariets to jumping crack whores
3:11:39 PM slonieman: I’m totally adding this to the LJ entry
3:12:31 PM ryanoff: wow LJ
3:12:32 PM ryanoff: what’s that?
3:13:19 PM slonieman: xanga for white people
3:14:13 PM ryanoff: exactly

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