Las Vegas

11:07:39 PM realfolkblues2: Did I tell you the laws here
11:09:23 PM slonieman: no waiting period?
11:10:27 PM realfolkblues2: CA: 10day waiting period, 1 handgun per month, rifles/shotguns, no limit, capacity no more than 10 rounds, no assault guns
11:10:51 PM slonieman: I don’t think anybody should be held to a ridiculous limit like 1 handgun per month
11:10:56 PM realfolkblues2: NV: 3 day cooling off period, waivable, unlimited transactions, no capacity limit, assault guns allowed
11:11:01 PM realfolkblues2: Yeah seriously
11:11:04 PM slonieman: and hookers
11:11:06 PM slonieman: hookers too
11:11:10 PM realfolkblues2: I went to a super ghetto store
11:11:23 PM realfolkblues2: They got AR-15s hanging over your head much like model airplanes in a kids room
11:11:32 PM realfolkblues2: marked $839 on the price tag
11:11:51 PM realfolkblues2: and those mid 90’s videos of girls in bikinis shooting guns for sale, like in Jackie Brown

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