This is why I love The Car Lounge

Not my posting, of course:

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I’ve heard the ’76 912E is so slow, it can’t even get out of its own way

You most assuredly heard correctly. Many states have banned possession of 912e aka “the stuttgart chicane”, and this is a little known fact, but Nader originally intended “Unsafe at any Speed” to be the title of his book about the Porsche 912. Not for any handling malady, but because when engaged in street races with members of a certain religious sect known for their streak of Luddism and a penchant for puppy mills and the color black, the defeated 912 driver would often find a horse apple flung onto his windshield temporarily blinding him. Normally, an accident at the 912’s top speed of 10 mph would result in a few scratches, but due to a number of factors such as non-collapsing steering columns and Porsche just not giving a damn about the safety its poorer customer, these tragic accidents often led to death.

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