6:17:39 PM realfolkblues2: http://photobucket.com/albums/y206/rfblues2/car%20stuff/Dans%20comparison%20of%20HID%20temps/
6:17:41 PM realfolkblues2: alright check this
6:17:51 PM realfolkblues2: this is my friends car
6:17:54 PM realfolkblues2: he sold the 4 runner
6:18:05 PM realfolkblues2: it was running his H4 HIDs off his civic, in 5300k temp
6:18:17 PM realfolkblues2: and the Lexus has H11 HIDs in 6000k temp
6:18:19 PM slonieman: nice retro badge
6:18:21 PM slonieman: and wheels
6:18:24 PM realfolkblues2: yeah
6:18:28 PM realfolkblues2: its approved
6:18:34 PM realfolkblues2: it has Hilux badges too haha
6:18:53 PM slonieman: he’s like a neighbor of mine
6:19:02 PM slonieman: that upgraded from a Land Cruiser to a LX470
6:19:12 PM slonieman: that was almost an identical vehicle though
6:19:17 PM realfolkblues2: yeah
6:19:21 PM slonieman: your friend upgraded from a 4runner to a newer 4runner-Lexus
6:19:25 PM realfolkblues2: You can barely tell the difference if you closed your eyes
6:19:33 PM slonieman: same neighbor also upgraded their 540i to a M5
6:19:39 PM realfolkblues2: haha
6:19:47 PM realfolkblues2: He must have realized he should have went to the top right away
6:19:48 PM slonieman: perhaps their stock options vested or omething
6:19:57 PM slonieman: cause one day it was just like “LEVEL UP!” in their driveway
6:20:10 PM realfolkblues2: haha
6:20:14 PM slonieman: Like my other neighbor who bought two LS400s in the same day (his and hers)
6:20:20 PM realfolkblues2: I wish you could level up cars similar to RPG fashion

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