Nope, not a new design this time. Just did this a little over 3 years ago, pro bono, for a friend’s friend’s band sticker. I never even got one of those stickers, come to think of it. But it does show my love for safety signs…A new design is on the way along these lines…

I did always like this sticker though…The impact lines shooting out of the dude’s ass. If there was a thought bubble it would say something like “OW! MY ASS!”

It’s also fun to just re-label existing signs…

Farman Says:

http://www.speedysigns.com/signs/CAUTION_Ear_Protection_Area.asp caution: iPod-only area
http://www.speedysigns.com/signs/CAUTION_Tripping_Hazard.asp caution: your ass will bail here

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