Traveling + More Sketches

After Buttonwillow, it was off to Idaho, and after Idaho it was off to Dallas (both for work). I’m back now, but I have to go to LA this weekend and grab my car. I’ve had enough traveling for a while, though!

Idaho ruled, it was the land of arcades. In the airport terminal and around my hotel, I found some rare gems (chiefly Rail Chase 2). I got pics on my phone but I gotta get them off without paying and that’ll take time. Next time I go I’m gonna go snowboarding too, there were several resorts in the nearby area. My hotel being across the street from an outlet mall made it into a rather expensive trip though.

Dallas had a lot nicer weather than the bay has been having lately, though I wasn’t there for as long. I did make it a point to go to Whataburger during my trip, because I make an exception to my no-fast-food practice for crazy out-of-state fast food. It was real good, though I admit I got sort of a stomachache from it…Wish I had the pic right now…

Oh yeah, more drawings, this time from Texas: (sharp-eyed readers may notice that this is partially inspired by my favorite game when I was 6 years old…I actually played the hell out of Outrun 2 SP at the local Gameworks in Dallas, so maybe the original was on my mind) (sort of a theme on this page…the bottom one just had a car and a jump originally, but it looked empty. instead of busses, I put my own signature. But the hatchback jumping off a ramp is inspired by Remy Julienne’s stunt team logo, of which I saw a Looooong time ago) (I gotta keep working on this, but I think it’ll be great. After all, the pirate vs. ninja meme isn’t getting old, because it’s been raging since the beginning of time) (don’t post locations!)

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