So my car was in LA

After the Buttonwillow event, I concocted a scheme to send my car to LA for a super secret event to occur the next Friday. Unfortunately, this event was cancelled after my car was already in LA, so I had the unenviable task of flying to LA just to get my car.


3:15pm: Depart San Jose Airport
4:15pm: Arrive at LAX, get into Lucian’s brand new RSX-S and head out to Westwood
5:00pm: Arrive at Westwood, proceed to arcade and play Outrun 2. Twice.
5:25pm: Proceed to Lamonicas. Eat a slice of delicious New York style pizza. Twice.
6:00pm: Proceed to Diddy Reese: Eat a cookie. Twice.
6:15pm: Depart Westwood headed for Beverly Hills via Mullholland Drive
6:45pm: Arrive Beverly Hills, exit RSX and get my car
7:00pm: Leave Beverly Hills via Deep Canyon and Mullholland Drive
7:30pm: Arrive Gas Station at 405/101 interchange. Fuel up and preflight the car. Unsuccessfully attempt to hardwire cellphone charger to the under-dash wiring.
7:45pm: Give bottle of coolant to owner of severely overheating Chevy Venture 8:00pm: Leave gas station on 405 Northbound
1:15am: Arrive back home, begin composing needlessly detailed LiveJournal entry.

You can’t say I don’t have my priorities straight for a trip to LA. Big up to Lucian for ferrying me around!

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