Bullseye Donuts

From here on forward, I request that people refer to all-wheel-drive donuts as “bullseye donuts” or just “bullseyes”.

Well, that was the conversation I had that resulted in this rough draft….

That URL is http://milkshakes.org/~slonie/bullseye7.gif …If you’re so inclined you can type in bullseye.gif through bullseye6.gif to see some development of it. But I will have to draw that car to make it complete!

Edit: Here’s a tighter radius version…Probably more accurate but the pivot point still in the wrong place….Also note that I will draw the car eventually. I don’t mean to leave it as 5 boxes.

And the real thing, thanks Jon (LINK)

Edit again:

Moved the pivot point?

Maybe I better just bake this one a (large) bit more before posting anything…haha

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