Assorted moments from Formula D Weekend

Just some random moments I can recall, in rough chronological order and in no way representing the most important things that happened.

– The Target Terror machine eating my quarters at the Petro truck stop, resulting in some spirited kicking of the machine and subsequent admonishment by employee who was watching the security feed. (Looks like it was caught on photo…)

– Arriving to the hotel room at 2am and enjoying the floor accomodations. Nothing like 7 guys in one room for creating a symphony of different snoring sounds, and a…unique aroma.

– Arriving to the track at around 7am with barely any sleep. Rivers were running through the pits and there didn’t seem to be any end in sight to the rain. Miraculously, it cleared up about an hour later and didn’t rain again all weekend.

– Running back to the pits after Lance smooched the tire wall, then seeing just how long it takes 6 guys to change 1 radiator. Luckily we got the car running in time for Lance’s qualifying runs, though he unfortunately didn’t end up making it into the top 32. Still, his car attracted so much attention that it can only mean good things in the future.

– Hiroo Sumida getting in a massive double-ender accident with the wall, then staying up all night with help pulling the car back into shape in time to lay down the #2 qualifying run of the day on Sunday. Amazing!

– Driving onto the track in an attempt to find a way back out to open streets. Note for those who don’t know: The entire course of Formula D/Long Beach Grand Prix is built on actual roads and parking lots surrounding the Long Beach Convention Center. Just with lots of extra walls.

– Aris accidentally dropping one of my DD Norcal FRS Radios in the outhouse on Sunday. I thanked him for not trying to rescue it.

– 75% of the stands walking out as soon as it was known that the final round would be Rhys Millen vs. Sam Hubinette. Amazing. I don’t know what other sport has more apathy for the winningest participants, but it doesn’t bode well for enthusiasm in the series.

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