Another trip, more doodlin’

Something about being stuck on a plane…

Well, only a little different than my actual rental car agency…There was a guy bitching about Thrifty being all out of everything except minivans. It was hilarious! When I got up to the front and got the same bad news, I exclaimed “ALRIGHT! A Caravan!“.

Rental caravans are awesome one-tire-afire machines. Burnouts around every corner!

Prompting me to draw this next one…

This one will be better in color and vectors…But I thought it was funny.

Then I got back to my “lost hills” drawing…but got distracted and drew the Azusa frontside 50-50. You guys who’ve been up there know what I mean.

Of course Lost Hills is where Hiro lost it one time when I was following him. I came through the cloud of dust to find the exact scene that I drew here. The hands and nose over the door reminded me of Kilroy, so…

On Saturday I actually drove some canyons around here, and on the plane I came up with a little design for a famous spot…

This is a giftart. The concept is by the man himself, he told me a long time ago, but it wasn’t till now that I decided to draw it. I like it!

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