– Le Mans Karting’s carshow/meet was decent, I guess. They promised a “D1 drifting exhibition” which I guess was suppoesd to be some phantom japanese driver doing stunts in a go-kart, but they didn’t. What made up for it was the drift exhibition we did for ourselves, taking turns in one kart in the parking lot after everyone had left…Mwaha.

– Bowled a 137 on Sunday. That’s probably my personal best. Still not that good, but wooo.

– [Khin] Did my taxes. I’m gettin’ a nice refund, but only becasue I dropped a sizable chunk of my savings into an IRA. Say goodbye to that money for the next 50 years…

– Started reading Gunsmith Cats again, from the begining. Maybe this time I’ll actually buy the 4 remaining books once I run out of the ones I bought way back when. Then I’ll lend them to Kai.

One mean Solstice. I think it’s basically what to expect from Rhys Millen’s new Formula D weapon, unless the powers-that-be choose marketability (boosted up Ecotec 4-banger) over easy and reliable power.

– Time to go home and have a Jack Bauer Power Two Hours, since I missed last week’s. Luckily I have it downloaded and have just enough time to watch it before the new one hits…

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