Ties and Tags in progress

I started vectoring the “In tie we trust” design. I think it’s going to be awesome without lines like the left one. Only reason there’s lines on the right one is that I’m still editing it! (I gotta fix the tip of the left one too, obviously).

Just one and a half…

And a very hastily mocked up version of all 3…

Now, back in the day I was quite the badass with tweaking tables for layout and making anything I want that way. But got out of the game, the world moved on. No matter how long I tried to stay out, they just kept pulling me back in. Now I hear that layout tables are dead and I better get with the times. CSS positioning…

So I did this page:


I didn’t use a single table, frame, or single-pixel-invisible-GIF to build that page…I’m convinced! Thanks Sean for pointing me to some tutorials…

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