Looking for DS in all the wrong places

Yesterday, there were “widespread” (i.e. isolated) reports of Target stores breaking the street date on DS lite by a whole eleven days. Determined to pick one up, I set off to get one for myself! In true dogged/pathetic style, I took a tour of three local stores, but came up empty.

None of the stores had any regular DSs or DS lites, and one had a sign stating explicitly that they would not sell any till June 11th. Damn.

I did manage to get Season 1 of the Venture Brothers on DVD, as well as this snapshot of some dude (that I swear is not me) staring ruefully at the empty spot where the DS or DS lite boxes should have been.

1:17:55 AM uncannyjerry: that guy got served
1:18:22 AM slonieman: as hard as me, but I had the dignity to stay standing
1:18:40 AM uncannyjerry: ahaha
1:18:49 AM uncannyjerry: that guy is wiping his tears
1:19:03 AM uncannyjerry: in sandals nonetheless
1:19:19 AM uncannyjerry: probably was working on his tire swing out back until he heard reports, hence the sandals
1:19:30 AM slonieman: though I have to admit I stared at the empty space – as if doing so would magically create DS lites – in the display case for quite some time…maybe somebody got a picture of that.

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