Farman Says

“I got all the bomb frostings.”

10:11:21 PM slonieman: I KNEW it’d be magnolia
10:11:22 PM slonieman: KNEW it
10:11:27 PM slonieman: that’s LJ’able
10:11:57 PM slonieman: if you don’t mind that is…
10:11:57 PM farsyed: hehe
10:12:07 PM farsyed: be my guest
10:12:33 PM slonieman: Done
10:12:58 PM slonieman: did they fix your hunger pangs that were stickin like duct tape?
10:14:01 PM farsyed: yeah, they were pretty good
10:14:16 PM farsyed: the irony is that you CAN’T get a bakers dozen, they limit you to 12
10:14:41 PM slonieman: haha
10:14:43 PM slonieman: damn
10:14:47 PM slonieman: that just shattered my reality

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