Taqueria La Bamba

I don’t normally do restaurant reviews here, but this deserves special mention. See a friend of mine who currently lives in Washington was down here with his coworkers, and asked me what Mexican place to go to. I pulled up Jatbar’s review of La Bamba and told them this was the place to go, since they were in Mountain View. Oh, and the fact that it’s the #1-rated Taqueria on that site, beating out even my beloved Tres Potrillos (ranked #3).

I didn’t actually make it to the dinner with them, but since I was gonna hang out in the area later and my mouth was watering just from re-reading the jatbar review, I decided to check it out. Holy crap. I do love me some Mexican food, but this was on another level. I wasn’t that hungry so I ordered a pollo asado taco and a pork and cheese pupusa (that’s salvadorian, and not many taquerias have those, it’s like a cross between a quesedilla and a tamale).

I wasn’t even prepared for the level of flavor in that pollo asado, and the juicyness of it. It seriously rocked my world. The pupusa was melt-in-the-mouth goodness, too. I was so impressed that I went back to the counter and grabbed a carne asada taco. The meat was spiced up to perfection, and the whole package was freakin’ great. Probably the best tacos I’ve had. According to the reviews, the Carnitas are excellent, so next time I’m gonna come hungrier and get a carnitas burrito. I figure that ought to be a religious experience.

Oh, and on my scale-of-ghettoness (i.e. the more ghetto the taqueria’s surroundings, the more delicious it’s going to be… if there’s a check-cashing place, a liquor store, or a laundromat nearby, or especially all three, you’re good to go). When I parked out back, there was a dude painting his car in the parking lot. You can’t get much more ghetto than that, indicative of the fact that I haven’t had mexican food any more delicious than Taqueria La Bamba.

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