Homemade onigiri

I tell you, I get a hankering for onigiri pretty much all the time. Today I stopped by Mitsuwa on my way home to see if I could pick a few up, but they were sold out. So, I decided to make my own. Bought some salmon and nori and furikake….And the most important part: Onigi molds for that housewife-perfect shape.

Terrible cameraphone picture, go!

It turns out that the rice I had on hand was long grain brown rice, which certainly didn’t get sticky enough for best results. Thus, the molds came in extra handy – using compression sort of made up for the less-than-optimal stickiness. Some of them sort of fell apart when I picked them up, so I combined the two weakest ones into one ball. In any case, once it’s got nori holding everything together it isn’t so bad.

On the first couple I made them using the larger mold and did the delicious center method of salmon delivery. But after realizing that I’d need to use the small mold and compress them more, I switched to the chopped-up-and-mixed-in method. Not that I chopped it very finely…

It’ll definitely come out better next time with the right rice. But they were still pretty good! those are the leftovers in the picture…I know what I’m having for lunch/dinner tomorrow!

I hope to someday reach the heights of brilliance that I displayed in my last onigiri experiment…

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