A small discussion on Technicals

I know, it’s an AIM poach, but 1) That’s normal for me, and 2) It’s a pretty good sum-up of my ‘research’ (but no pics, yet) that I can edit into a proper piece later. Or not.

Slonieman: http://jsjbrothers.com/gallery/album42/IMG_1936_Medium
Slonieman: another pic of the crazytown Q
revirDAKA: that guy back there had to avert his eyes
Slonieman: haha
revirDAKA: with the flares and the offset
revirDAKA: I wonder if it’s as wide as a hummer h1
Slonieman: haha
Slonieman: that is pretty hard
Slonieman: my recent obsession btw has been over “technicals”
Slonieman: the *ahem* technical term for civilian trucks with guns on the back
revirDAKA: I did not know that
Slonieman: as a long-time admirer of the third-world toyota gun truck, I am so happy to finally know the name
revirDAKA: but those things are the main reason I think Toyota pickups are cool
Slonieman: the origin is supposedly due to aid organizations in third world countries writing off bribes to local militias for protection as “technical expenses”
Slonieman: no joke…
revirDAKA: I can see that
Slonieman: but see, quite a hwile ago I was telling my brother how toyota pickups are sweet and he told me about the ones in jamaica where he lived for a year
Slonieman: and that they were called technicals over there
Slonieman: presumably without guns….maybe it rubbed off
Slonieman: so that just stuck in my mind and I paid it no matter
Slonieman: till I got Mercenaries for Xbox, which has a “MG Technical” vehicle
Slonieman: basically a toyota pickup with a machine gun on it
Slonieman: So, my quest began to research the term
Slonieman: those crazy F-Superduty and GM gun trucks roaming Iraq definitely qualify as technicals as well
Slonieman: but I will always have the most love for third world toyota action
Slonieman: IN FACT
revirDAKA: yeah just the simple hilux
Slonieman: in 1986, Chadian forces repelled a HUGE force of Libyian tanks
Slonieman: and by repell I mean massacred
Slonieman: in one battle there were 92 tanks lost and 768 casualties on the Libyian side
revirDAKA: or FJ75 for the more successful protection racketeers
Slonieman: compared to 18 casualties and 3 toyota trucks on the chad side
revirDAKA: whoa
Slonieman: they just got a shit ton of them and welded on recoilless rifles
Slonieman: and just went to town
Slonieman: the conflict is colloquially known as The Toyota Wars
Slonieman: There is even a mod for operation flashpoint based on it, which adds these toyota trucks as a vehicle (and most of them were in their civilian paint)
Slonieman: in mogadishu the militias are particularly fond of them too
Slonieman: I’ve read of so-called supertechnicals with 4x .50 cals on it
revirDAKA: I noticed a lot of Nissans in Iraq, before the war officially started
revirDAKA: whoa
Slonieman: and I have a pic of a land cruiser with a 106mm cannon on it
Slonieman: and no roof
Slonieman: so yeah, I am currently so on a kick, I am even thinkign of registering a domain
Slonieman: gunsOnAtruck.com
Slonieman: based off of a shirt design I thought up
Slonieman: guns on a truck: technical construciton service
Slonieman: mogadishu * quanhandar * basra
Slonieman: okay, so it’s not politically correct but it is awesome, especially since I already have sketches of my “One sick truck” shirt kicking around…
Slonieman: earliest pic I have seen was a 1932 iteration of the concept
Slonieman: but of course the SAS used jeep-type vehicles loaded for bear to great effect in WWII’s desert theaters
Slonieman: immortalized (though they somehow became americans…) in the TV show The Rat Patrol
revirDAKA: that’s.. yeah, that’s before the concepts and engineering of a civilian truck and a military truck really diverged
Slonieman: let’s not forget The Wild Bunch
Slonieman: where they put the machine gun on top of the wagon
Slonieman: okay, okay, maybe I’m going a little too David Votoupal here
Slonieman: I am gonna have to find that great pic of a up-to-2003 doublecab modified by US Special Forces in afghanistan
Slonieman: one of the very few or maybe only one I’ve seen of a “new” Tacoma (not the NEW new one which I pretty much assume will never be seen in hte third world)
revirDAKA: when I was in high school I wrote a short story for class that involved 4th gen Camaros with the rear windows removed and guns mounted… that’s the sort of thing you can’t write about for school now but I thought it was a good concept
Slonieman: haha
revirDAKA: of course those were brand new cars then too
Slonieman: you saw the gangsterest W126 ever right?
Slonieman: (this one: http://slonie.livejournal.com/427892.html?mode=reply )
revirDAKA: yeah! exactly like that
revirDAKA: the battery is a nice touch
Slonieman: also a nice touch is the shit eating grins on the faces of the guys with the SAW and M60
Slonieman: it’s like they know how awesome it is
revirDAKA: they’re thinking “this is what I joined the military to do.”

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