Okay so I have been dying over here…

I haven’t left the house since I got in Friday night from Sonoma, except to go to the hospital on Sunday when I was sporting a 104 (if you trust my thermometer) degree fever (or a 102, confirmed at the doctor). Also some kind of mega nasty sinus infection (and not the first I’ve had in recent months, I may be allergic to something in this place or maybe my neighbors in close proximity doing constant construction). The pressure in my head up until today was enough to make me want to relieve it….with a shotgun.

Fever is still here, I’m also now missing trade show time at my work, which is a big deal for a company as small as ours. At least now the works are flowing upstairs, since I have graduated to the most powerful sneezes ever (they come in twos, also) and random eye-watering.

Big thanks to Farman for bringing me Subway and drinks today, that was the first real solid food I ate since Friday’s lunch. I’m gonna try lying down now.

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