Golfland…With pictures!

We went to Sunnyvale Golfland tonight, and unfortunately it was in worse shape than I’ve ever seen it in. Many games were out of order, including new-ish stuff like Tekken 5 and Initial D Version 3, but I didn’t care because I don’t play those. I had actually gone to check out Time Crisis 4, which was pretty damn underwhelming. After one play of that it was time to challenge Curtis to a 5-lap battle on Expert in the greatest racing game ever. But the horrible truth soon dawned upon us: They got rid of Daytona USA. That’s unforgivable.

I did get this shot while sitting at LOTR Pinball, which had a free credit on it. If you don’t have a fisheye lens, you make do with what you can!


They do have a good selection of Bemani games though, as expertly put to use by Curtis in this video. I still don’t know people can do that. Also, it just occurred to me that hosting a 5MB video from my own webspace is totally passé these days.

Also, even though we didn’t play golf, I finally got a photo of the famous (among me and Farman, anyway) hole with the best name ever:

King Bens Clock Tower

Edit: On the Video!

1:16:17 PM jasondmoses: Is that curtis?
1:16:19 PM slonieman: yeah
1:16:22 PM jasondmoses: His play-style is wackkk
1:16:45 PM jasondmoses: By which I mean I’m surprised whenever I see people play without their thumbs
1:16:50 PM jasondmoses: They just sort of thang out there

Jason says that TC4 is actually really good, I’ll have to give it a more thorough (read: fair) evaluation when I’m not clouded by anger at the lack of Daytona.

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