Transformers! BIKTORII!

11:01:14 PM alucard2x2:
11:02:28 PM slonieman: click
11:15:19 PM slonieman: that’s dope
11:15:31 PM alucard2x2: i know
11:15:37 PM alucard2x2: BUI BUI BIKITORIII
11:15:48 PM slonieman: not as dope as the original season one US theme
11:15:58 PM slonieman: actually
11:16:05 PM slonieman: I take that back now that I got to the part with the kids singing along
11:16:40 PM slonieman: still
11:16:40 PM slonieman:
11:16:53 PM slonieman: damn, this is like vocal free
11:17:02 PM slonieman: wtf bumblebee turned into a plane
11:18:09 PM alucard2x2: they were on cybertron
11:18:14 PM alucard2x2: they transform different there
11:18:15 PM alucard2x2: fool
11:18:40 PM slonieman: oh damn
11:18:46 PM slonieman: you’re ABSOLUTELY RIGHT
11:18:49 PM alucard2x2: I KNOW
11:18:59 PM alucard2x2: sean>lee
11:19:01 PM slonieman: somehow that needs to be LJ’d
11:19:19 PM slonieman: just because I got so thoroughly schooled with expert knowledge of a specialized yet useless field

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