LEGO: Then And Now

11:49:54 PM slonieman: man, legos got violent-looking
11:50:33 PM slonieman: how could we have guessed that they’d go from to in 20 years?
11:52:10 PM revirdaka: okay 7713 is pretty badass
11:53:27 PM slonieman: man…
11:54:10 PM revirdaka: that set is monstrous
11:53:45 PM slonieman: I think today’s kids are being overstimulated with the crazitude of today’s anime-inspired legos
11:54:03 PM slonieman: if I saw this set back in 1986 I’d have pulled a Nintendo 64 Kid
11:54:37 PM revirdaka: yeah that’s like an entire box of pixy stix’ worth of hyperactivity

(for reference, I actually have that set from 1986, it was the closest thing to a AT-AT till LEGO actually got the license for it!)

Oh, and this conversation results from my recent re-addiction to LEGO after accidentally being exposed to a nickel-bag set at a Kay-Bee Toys store in LA last week. That’s part of my 9-day adventure story which I really need to make an entry out of. But before that, let’s just post up the latest I built on my desk:

Hi Ho Silver!

It’s totally what they had in mind when they designed those three sets!

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