Stuff and Things!

– I saw lots of movies lately, uncharacteristically. Fearless was a great movie even from the point of view of somebody who is fed the hell up with Wuxia movies. It’s even loosely based on a true story. Very loosely. See it! Jackass 2 was something to watch if you know what you’re getting into. For me, it was damn hilarious. This Film is Not Yet Rated was interesting to say the least, though you can probably wait for video on this one. Basically, the MPAA is all fucked up, but you probably already knew that. And finally, Crank. Crank might just be the most brilliant thing I’ve watched this year. It seems like nobody actually saw it and it’s already out of most theaters, so I fully expect it to be a cult hit on DVD.

– Sumiya is an awesome Yakitori restaurant in San Jose. I read about it in the Metro, and all I knew was that it was a place that was on Moorpark. I didn’t even remember the name, so I just rode my bike down Moorpark until I got there. Frickin’ great, though a Sapporo and several skewers of deliciousness set me back about $20. Definitely a place I’ll go back to frequently once I have a job… Oh yeah, at 11pm (yeah, I was riding around at that hour), there were 20 people in there. It was hopping. Also I was the only white guy in there, when I opened the door, everything got sort of quiet for a moment like a wild west saloon when the stranger walks in. Like I said, awesome.

– I’m really getting into this whole bicycle thing, TO THE EXTREME. I tore my arms up all day doing amateur-hour trials stuff around town, it’s good times. I’m getting a lot of help with the bike thing from friends and strangers alike, thanks to the power of the internets. I’ve also started rehabilitating an old 3-speed that lives in the background of the house (with basket and fenders) and nicknamed it the beer hauler.

– Also speaking of the power of the internets, I was finally able to watch Rad again after many, many years. i don’t need to explain much more, except that this movie is A) The most significant film of my childhood and B) Tony Angelo called it “Titties on Ice Cream.” Here’s a clip of the opening credits. The really important thing though is that this movie has never had a legitimate DVD release. However, it was shown on INHD2 a while ago, and somebody captured the digital stream and re-encoded it. What this means is that eventually one should be able to get a brilliant high-quality version that looks better than the movie has ever looked at home.

– I still need to write the big writeup of my epic trip down the coast and into Vegas. But that takes effort. Needless to say, the mouse I got in LA is getting really big!

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