So, The Shells

Okay, so I went a week ago for the first time to the shells in Foster City. That time there were a lot of kids there who gave me some tips on jumping, despite their skepticism that my bike and I would survive. It was enough fun that I decided to come back on Friday and brought my much more experienced MTB’er friend Mike along.

In the likely case that you don’t know what it is, the shells is a collection of jumps built on the sandy, shell-filled soil right on the water in Foster City. It’s quite visible on Google Maps, but totally invisible from the street and even from the paved bike path that runs along the waterfront. It’s also not invisible from the Internet, which is obviously where I found out about it.

In any case, I came back with Mike, who was able to give me some insight as well as take some cool photos!

Really Sketchy stuff going here, look at my right foot…Yikes.

A better shot…And by now it’s pretty clear that I make the same expression while jumping that I do while drifting!

Oh yeah, then I got on Mike’s bike and tried a few runs…

Some pretty clean air, but I still prefer the very first pic Mike took of me on my own bike! (see: previous entry).

Until next time…

PS: Here’s some pics of guys who actually know what they’re doing at the shells.

Oh yeah, and I rode my bike 6 miles to the GameStop that I reserved a Wii at because I accidentally left my credit card there. On the way back, I actually found some jumps within a mile of my house (behind a baseball diamond). Not anything as elaborate as the shells, but I can actually ride there!

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