Parin is looking for ANOTHER car? Jeez!

Snippet 1: What lance was afraid of, being admitted by me…

1:26:44 AM slonieman: god, I need to go drive more
1:26:44 AM cocomonky7: =-O found my car
1:26:45 AM cocomonky7:
1:27:04 AM slonieman: I feel like I’m being sucked into bikes too hard, I hit zeroforum?id=78 before =1 these days
1:27:09 AM cocomonky7: hahahah
1:27:25 AM slonieman: that link is a jacket that went out of style in the 80s: Members Only

Snippet 2: Well, I guess I still care about cars if I can make a statement like that!

1:34:44 AM cocomonky7: mister twos and fds get my attention
1:34:47 AM cocomonky7: something about those two cars
1:34:50 AM cocomonky7: that are WOW THATS COOL!
1:35:06 AM slonieman: FD is like a high maintenance girlfriend, but WHAT A GIRL!
1:35:13 AM cocomonky7: yea!
1:35:15 AM slonieman: a nympho supermodel
1:35:19 AM cocomonky7: ahahhh
1:35:23 AM cocomonky7: LJ
1:36:01 AM slonieman: One of the best-looking and best-driving cars Japan ever made.

Snippet 3: Complaining about Toyota never gets old!

1:37:56 AM slonieman: I believe the tagline for an article at the time was “Japan’s space program”
1:38:04 AM cocomonky7: LOL
1:38:11 AM cocomonky7: mr2’s are just cool
1:38:18 AM cocomonky7: probably one of the coolest cars to come out of toyota
1:38:25 AM cocomonky7: so random
1:38:28 AM slonieman: For true
1:38:30 AM cocomonky7: the whole lineup of em
1:38:34 AM slonieman: What happened to you toyota, you used to be cool!
1:38:34 AM cocomonky7: like WTF
1:39:30 AM cocomonky7: AE’s that were hairy, MR2’s that made you regret lifting off the throttle, then supras which in my mind was toyotas version of the millenium falcon

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