I just went to a jump park that was closed off by the city after somebody broke their neck there. Let’s just say I ripped the other knee on my “riding pants.” I should really have been truthful in my promise to the guy at Trailhead that I’d come back for those kneepads “before the next time I go jumping.” Thanks for bringing me there, Mike!

Oh yeah, the park, it is super super sweet, it just requires flow which is something I sorely lack. Also I thought I was just completely retarded at railing berms (which is true) but the real reason for casing it on one was that the berm just sort of disappeared at the end. Thus, washout and painful laying down of the bike. Ankles and knees, and elbows are thanking me now. At least I got practice coming over rollers and riding into steep drops, because the park is built into some rolling hills. A very three-dimensional playground (that I can’t enjoy 90% of, on account of the n00b-ness)!

Mike’s buddy John let me try his dialed-in Chameleon which proved once and for all my theory that it’s not about the bike, it’s about the rider. I was an ass on a sweet bike too!

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