Jobs dropping in my lap, and a thwarted Speed Attack…

Today was great…I went to the jumps earlier and F’d myself up again as I mentioned in the last entry…Then met up with Ant and Ryan over at Performance Bike. When I walked in, the manager asked me if I wanted a job application. “How did you guess?” I answered. He correctly pointed out the fact that I’m in there nearly every day at random times. Guilty as charged, I guess. I actually took one, too, cause hey, why not? If I start going to classes for art as I’ve been considering, I could use a job like that to help pay the way. Not to mention getting bike stuff for hella cheap.

Also, I was able to get some sweet tires for ultra cheap thanks to Performance’s Crazy Gideon-like sales. Tires for $34.99 on sale for $17.99 each, with an additional 20% off due to a “Daylight Savings Sale.” Once I pop those on I’ll be railing on the dirt, and probably feel and hear the slowness on the tarmac. Also on the score-front, Ant and Ryan both bought stuff which gives me 10% back as store credit…Of course they could do well to join the club themselves, but I won’t complain about buying stuff for them and reaping the benefits.

It was about 9pm when we got out of there, but before we did, Ryan mentioned that he had a case of Fat Tire in the trunk. I said, “Taco Bravo, then my house?” and the night’s entertainment was set. Somewhere along the line we all set out (me on the Hard Rock, Ant ton his new bike, and Ryan on The Grocery Getter aka Beer Hauler) to set see who could set the highest speed record on the speed-limit-camera sign currently installed a quarter-mile down the street from me. Unfortunately, the sign was turned off for the night, so we had to reschedule. Watch for it!

Also my brother’s friend came by and pitched his new web-design-hosting-maintenance company to me. I think I’ll be doing some work for him. Score.

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