Railin’ them berms

Back to the same place for some more shenanigans…No pics of the air, but Mike got a few of my inept berm-railing.

The non-cool shot which is rather funny. Me on the brakes, coming over the edge of the berm towards the photographer and making a pucker face.

Oh yeah, the new Panaracer tires work pretty good, despite my best efforts. And now my bike is looking a little meaner, except for the front complement of reflectors. I moved the rear brake lever inboard (a lot) to try and get a 2-finger hold on it. It sort of works, but not as well as, say, even the most mundane sidepull brakes with 2-finger levers.

And yeah, I actually got kneepads this time, 661 Kyle Strait softshells. They’re really comfy, but no pad is pleasant after you start sweating under it. Predictably, the presence of pads on my knees resulted in no accidents coming close to hurting that part of my body. Instead, I overshot the landing on a short-but-high jump and landed with the toptube beneath my legs. Ouch.

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