The Hobo Chute and My HOA

This time we actually had 6 guys riding (despite some *ahem* questionable organization in terms of people ditching other people down the trail before those other people even started).

Image Stolen from Ryan but now with text added!

^— For the second time in a row I climbed that dam and the climb before it without getting off the bike. Rawk. Also Ant made it up the dam for the first time on that ride, which is great for him!

Actually it’s written up in Ryan’s LJ, but mainly they got video of the HOBO CHUTE on their way back.

Here’s the video of the Hobo Chute:

As Ryan said, it looks/is a lot harder/scarier in real life than in this video. It’s also very dramatic considering that you start on the sidewalk of a freeway off-ramp and drop into the trees, then go around a berm and descend into a hobo encampment. Plus, the first time Mike and I tried to hit it up a dude came walking up it right as we were headed in (a hobo?).

Of course I wasn’t there for the return trip because I had to get back from the summit of Jones Trail in 30 minutes to make a homeowners association meeting. I covered the distance that took an hour on the way there in 35 minutes (granted it was without any climbs, but I was really, really hauling faster on the flat than I’ve ever done on there, sorry to all the people I startled with my passing on left, right, above, or however. Sometimes you gotta pass on the right in the dirt if somebody is walking a dog and the dog is in the left lane towing a tripwire). Also I did that whole ride with a headset that was constantly coming loose…I never said I was a role model.

I did make it in time for the meeting (well, 5 minutes late) and somehow got myself into joining the architectural review committee for the paint plan for our complex. I think it was because the gorgeous girl next to me was the first to volunteer to “help” with that issue, then I told her congratulations for becoming the head of the committee. Later, when a roster was passed around for people to volunteer for it, she said “pleeeeease sign up.” I had to oblige…Sounds like fun, no?

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